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This AILA Research Network (ReN) is a group of just over 500 language educators and researchers from all over the world who are interested in the study of learner autonomy in language learning.

The main purposes of our organization are to gather and disseminate information on research in our field and to keep members abreast of events and publications.

November 3, 2009 at 12:18 am

AILA 2020 ReNLA symposium in Groningen

Hello everyone,

We are very pleased to let you know that our proposal for symposium/symposia in Groningen has been accepted (scroll down to see the proposal).

It is uncertain if we get 1, 2, or 3 symposia as that depends on the number of quality proposals submitted to us, so this means we cannot yet reveal our featured speakers.

Please start to prepare your proposal to present ASAP.

They will open for submissions on 15 July and the final date for submissions is sometime in the beginning of September, but it would really help if you could try to be as early as possible. Note that all participants including featured speakers should submit an abstract through the AILA2020 review system as the abstracts are needed for the program book.

However, when you have submitted to AILA, can you also please send your proposal in an email to Kerstin Dofs – kerstin.dofs@ara.ac.nz

This is just so we can double check who would like to present at our symposia, and if we get them earlier than through their reviewing platform, we get more time for the reviewing process, and we can also plan for the right number of symposia.

All the best.

Hope to see you in Groningen!

Kerstin Dofs, Andy Gao and Diego Mideros

The accepted ReNLA proposal as follows:

Title: Autonomy in the time of complexity in a changing world

Three subthemes:

  1. Learner agency and identity in a changing world
  2. Teacher autonomy and professional development in the time of complexity
  3. Learning in the classroom and beyond, advising, self-access, and e-learning

A short description: Complexity is an emerging theme in language learning and teaching research, and a reality that all language learners and teachers face in pursuit of autonomous learning and teaching. In this symposium, presenters will explore issues related to learner and teacher autonomy in the time of complexity in a changing world.

A longer description: In this symposium, presenters will explore the critical issues related to learner and teacher autonomy in the time of complexity in a changing world. Complexity is an emerging theme in language learning and teaching research, and a reality that all language learners and teachers cope with in their pursuit of autonomous learning and teaching. Against this background, researchers will report on research conducted in multiple contexts using a variety of theoretical perspectives and constructs to deconstruct and understand autonomy in language learning. These include studies that critically examine how language learner identity and agency can be used to generate insights into autonomous language learning. The studies may also investigate how language teachers undertake strategic efforts and achieve autonomy in professional practice. Presenters will use emerging perspectives, such as complexity, ecological, and socio-cultural theories to examine a variety of topics in language learning autonomy research. The symposium will help develop nuanced understandings of emerging topics in learner autonomy research in the contexts of: learning in the classroom and beyond, self-access centres, language advising settings, and technology-enhanced language learning. All presenters will work towards synergizing efforts and intellectual investment towards a better understanding of autonomy in this complex and rapidly changing world.

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Tributes to Naoko Aoki

We believe that friends and colleagues from the learner autonomy community worldwide may wish to share their memories of Naoko so please contribute with your stories at the end of this Condolences page.

Tributes to Naoko Aoki



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AILA Research Network on Learner Autonomy Committee, 2017-20

You can contact any of the committee members via our email addresses


Kerstin Dofs: kerstin.dofs@ara.ac.nz

Andy Gao: xuesong.gao@unsw.edu.au

Diego Mideros: Diego. Mideros@sta.uwi.edu

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AILA Congress: Rio 2017 ReNLA program


Dear All,

We are getting excited about the upcoming AILA Congress!

This is a link to the symposium programme: AILA ReNLA symposium Rio 25 July 2017

The main AILA website for more information is here: http://www.aila2017.com.br/index.php/en/

Hope to see you in Rio soon!

Kerstin, Moira and Alice

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Message from the convenors: AILA Congress in Rio, 2017

Hi All,

We hope you are all enjoying settling into the new year and some new students. While we are still fresh after Xmas-New Year, the convenors of the AILA Autonomous Learning Research Network (AILA ReNLA) have been working in the background to be prepared for the AILA ReNLA section of the AILA Congress 2017 in Rio.

Research Networks will have their own presentation day (i.e. colloquia), and there will be no other presentations or symposia at the same time. This will be followed by an AGM and appropriate social event! We also plan to co-edit a refereed book and/or special journal after the conference.  (more…)

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Approval of Learner Autonomy ReN

Previous convenors Richard Smith, Garold Murray, and Naoko Aoki have all argued with the AILA Scientific Committee that our Learner Autonomy ReN is a vibrant and well-supported Research Network, however, they still required us to apply to renew our ReN status. In Jan 2015, we were notified that our application was approved, and our ReN will continue to operate until the next world congress in 2017. The approval will mean that we will be able to host a colloquium at the Rio Congress. As the time approaches, we will open the discussion on the direction and organisation of the colloquium.

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Message from incoming convenors

Dear all,
Greetings all, and we hope this finds you all well, and looking forward to a break over the End of year/Christmas/New Year period, depending on where you live and what the cultural traditions are there! For the 3 current AILA ReN Convenors, Alice, Moira and Kerstin (in Australia and NZ) this means a long summer holiday, so we’ll be (hopefully) relaxing at the beach and having BBQ meals outside!!.

Since being elected, we have had a few Skype meetings and would like to keep you informed about our thoughts to date.


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