AILA 2014 learner autonomy related presentations

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Thank you very much to the members who provided information in spite of the short notice. Please double-check with your conference handbook when you plan a day. I made my best effort to be accurate, but I couldn’t guarantee that the list is error free. Also, as always, the programme is susceptible to change. See you in Brisbane!


AILA 2014 presentations – PDF version

1. Symposium sponsored by Research Network on Learner Autonomy

Date & time: Wednesday, 13th August, 11:00-14:00

(Last 40 minutes will be saved for a business meeting.)

Room: P4

Title: Learner autonomy: Research agenda

Convenor: Naoko Aoki

Presenters & topics:

  • Terry Lamb & Garold Murray: Researching the spatial dimension of learner autonomy
  • Alice Chik: Learner autonomy in the Web 2.0 era
  • Harry Kuchah, Martin Lamb & Richard Smith: Learner autonomy in developing countries (This presentation will be by video recording.)
  • David Palfreyman: Learner autonomy in groups
  • Xuesong Gao: Language teacher autonomy and social censure

2. Other symposia

Date & time: Monday, 11th August, 16:30-18:30

Room: P1

Title: Assessment for autonomy; Assessment of autonomy

Convenor: Maria Giovanna Tassinari

Presenters & topics:

  • Fumiko Murase; Measuring learner autonomy for research and practice
  • Maria Giovanna Tassinari: Assessing learner autonomy: A dynamic model
  • Carol Joy Everhard: Using peer- and self-assessment as a means of promoting autonomy in language learning
  • Diane Malcolm: Teacher expectations, learner interpretations
  • Sara Cotterall: Assessing progress in research writing

Date & Time: Tuesday, 12th August, 16.30-18.30

Room: M2

Title: Space, place and autonomy in language learning and teaching 

Convenors: Terry Lamb & Garold Murray

Presenters & topics:

  • Cynthia White: Emotion in the construction of space, place and autonomous learning opportunities
  • Garold Murray, Naomi Fujishima, & Mariko Uzuka: Social learning spaces and ‘the invisible fence’
  • Gergana Alzeer: Spatio-learning experiences of Emirati female students in a single gender context
  • Katherine Thornton: The evolution of a learning space: interactions with and within a new self-access centre
  • Lindsay Miller & Christoph Hafner: Creating spaces for autonomous learning in an EST course
  • Hayo Reinders & Minyoung Cho: Public pedagogy through mobile learning: Autonomy and acquisition


Date & time: Thursday, 14th August, 11:00-13:00

Room: P11

Title: Beyond the language classroom: Exploring the social learning ecology

Convenors: Hayo Reinders & Philip Hubbard

Presenters and topics:

  • Hayo Reinders & Philip Hubbard: Technology and autonomy in language learning beyond the classroom: An exploratory framework
  • Phil Benson: Informal learning in new media environments: Translanguaging, sociality and interaction on YouTube
  • Glenn Stockwell & Yasuhisa Watanabe: Social interaction outside of the language classroom: Do learners really want to interact?
  • Mark Pegrum: Mobile learning: Noisy, personal and social
  • Marie-Noëlle Lamy: Social networking alongside formal language study: Do students do it? Do they learn from it?


3. Presentations

Date & Time: Monday, 11th August, 8:30-9:00

Room: P5

Presenter: Antonie Alm

Title: Facebook for informal language practice: Perceptions of university language students


Date and Time: Monday, 11th August, 8:30-9:00

Room: M1

Presenter: Sara Cotterall

Title: Sixteen weeks to produce a research paper


Date & time: Monday, 11th August, 9:30-10:00

Room: M4

Presenters: Diego Mideoros Camargo & Beverly Anne Carter

Title: Past learning experiences and agency in L2 learning: Phenomenological exploration in Trinidad and Tobago


Date & Time: Monday, 11th August, 9:30-10:00

Room: M1

Presenter: Ana Ines Salvi

Title: ‘Arts-enriched’ methods in participatory and developmental practitioner research in language teaching in higher education


Date and time: Tuesday, 12th August, 11:30-12:00

Room number: M2

Presenter: Steve Brown

Title: Conditions for effective learner reflection in the autonomous learning process


Date and time: Tuesday, 12th August, 15:00-15:30

Room: M2

Presenter: Fumiko Murase

Title: Needs analysis for helping science-major EFL students develop their autonomy and English proficiency


Date and time: Tuesday, 12th August, 15:30-16:00

Room: M2

Presenters: Moira Hobbs & Kerstin Dofs

Title: Enabling autonomous language learning: Guides for effective support


Date & Time: Tuesday, 12th August, 16:30-17:30

Room: M7 & 8

Presenters: Carol Griffiths & Ying Tang

Title: Strategy training in foreign language teaching


Date & Time: Tuesday, 12th August, 16:30-17:30

Room: P7

Presenter: Mehmet Boyno

Title: Learner autonomy and drama: Components of a model EFL teacher training programme


Date and time: Friday, 15th August, 10:30-11:00

Room: P10

Presenter: Maria Giovanna Tassinari

Title: Emotion and cognition in language counseling


4. Poster sessions

Date & Time: Tuesday, 12th August, all day (speaker present during breaks)

Room: Mezzanine Level

Presenter: Diane Malcolm

Title: The challenge of reading academic English for first year Arabic-speaking medical students


Date and time: Tuesday, 12th August, all day (speaker present during breaks)

Room: Mezzanine Level

Presenter: Carol Joy Everhard

Title: Diamonds are forever: Enabling language learners to fulfill their lifelong learning aspirations

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