AUTO-L discussion list

“…[the discussion list gives] our community the opportunity to share insights, opinions, references, studies, research and realities in the promotion of learner autonomy around the world in all sorts of educational settings. Our list combines full-time researchers, textbook writers, SAC advisers, PhD students, administrators, policy makers and many language teachers at very different stages of development which makes our list a non-elitist, virtual space in which everyone has a voice and something valuable to share.

One of the goals of our list is to continue to grow (there are over 500 members at the moment) and be of good use for the vast majority of our members – for the active and silent readers, as well. Although our discussions are hosted by our members, our list is open for everyone to share. It is, for many, a first forum for finding resources, collaborators and support. It aims to be a source of information for the academic activity around the world and a special tool for pre-while-post ReN academic events in the year.”

Sergio Valdivia, former moderator

Note: As of December 2012, if you  join the AILA Research Network on Learner Autonomy – for free! –  (see ‘Membership’) you will be automatically subscribed to AUTO-L. It will no longer be possible to join AUTO-L without joining the Research Network.

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