Alice Chik

Alice Chik (

I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of English, City University of Hong Kong. My doctoral thesis and publications in the field of Learner Autonomy focused on the use of narratives to investigate how young learners develop their individual differences and autonomy over the years. Recently, I am interested in how young people use technology to develop their learner autonomy. I am especially intrigued by the ways video gamers use gameplay and online gaming communities and resources to develop their out-of-class learning skills. I am also investigating the use of social media in the classroom to enhance interaction and learning.

In the last few years, the Learner Autonomy ReN has been thriving and has provided an excellent platform for members to exchange information and views. The ReN has also provided generous support for researchers to get connected and informed, and I see this as its greatest strength. To take the ReN further, I’d like to contribute to this good work and also like to develop a more interactive platform on the existing ReN website to allow faster and more social interaction, hopefully this would lead to more international collaborative projects. From the recent AILA symposium, the developing interest in exploring learner autonomy in the digital age also made me believe that this may well be one of the future directions for the Learner Autonomy ReN.

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