Naoko Aoki

Naoko Aoki (

Naoko Aoki is a professor at Graduate School of Letters, Osaka University, Japan. She is a teacher educator and her practice aims to develop teacher autonomy in her students by using narrative. She was a founding joint-coordinator of JALT’s Learner Development SIG and is one of the co-editors of Mapping the terrain of learner autonomy published by Tampere Univesity Press in 2009.


Learner Autonomy ReN is a vibrant network. Every issue of its newsletter is full of helpful information. Its symposia at AILA congresses have always been excitingly cutting edge. And it has effectively supported local groups of teachers and researchers to organize conferences. If elected, I would make sure that these strong points of the group are maintained.

I’d like to see, however, two more things happen in the group in the next three years. One is to develop a list of resources for learner autonomy beginners and put it up on the web. So much information is circulating and it is not necessarily easy for people starting to learn about learner autonomy to lay their hands on literature that suits their interests and concerns. I’d like to create a jumping point for those people. The other is to take the field a step further by focusing on a few significant topics and stimulating discussion to set research agenda for each. Hopefully we will have a symposium for each topic at AILA 2014. For these purposes I would invite as many people as possible on board.

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