February 2012 Bulletin: Item 6

‘Inside ReNLA’

a. Minutes of the Business Meeting in Beijing, August 2011

Available here: https://renautonomy.files.wordpress.com/2009/11/minutes-of-the-renla-business-meeting26august2011.pdf

b. Overall report on ReNLA activities in Beijing: see the report in LALL August 2011 here: https://ailarenla.org/lall/renla-at-the-aila-convention-beijing-2011-conference-report/

c. Longevity of ReNs, and renewal of ReNLA

Just prior to the AILA Congress, the ‘governing body’ of AILA had an hour-long discussion of issues pertaining to Research Networks such as ours, and decided that there should no longer be a limit of six years on their lifetime. We can therefore continue to apply to AILA every three years for renewal. This positive outcome came about after some persistent lobbying in which our ReN took the lead, and which involved finding out how AILA works as an organization, enlisting other ReNs’ support, sending a statement to all representatives on the governing body, and – not least – individual ReNLA members lobbying representatives on the governing body from their own country. We heard from some Executive Board members that there was general recognition during discussions of how active and productive the ReN (previously, Scientific Commission) on Learner Autonomy has been. We can now celebrate 18 years of continuous existence – and look forward hopefully to many more years to come!

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