January 2013: Bulletin item 1

Message from the convenors

Welcome to AILA ReNLA’s latest Bulletin. It has been almost a year since our last one and we have achieved quite a lot during this period, as you will see here and in the new issue of LALL.

We now have a committee of 15 people from different parts of the world working hard to make this group even more relevant to members’ concerns. In addition to our regular work such as gathering details of members’ publications, reports of conferences and so on, the projects launched last year – setting research agendas, and constructing lists of beginner resources and PhD theses – are making steady progress. We have also found a new home for our mailing list. (Thank you very much again to Anita Wenden who originally set up AUTO-L and ensured that we could use a CUNY server for it for many years.)

In 2013 we hope that even more will be happening on our website and on our new AUTO-L mailing list. We would like these means of communication among members to be as interactive as they can be. We will appreciate your participation very much!

Naoko Aoki, Alice Chik and Richard Smith

Convenors, AILA Research Network on Learner Autonomy, 2011-14

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