January 2013 Bulletin: Item 10

AUTO-L update

Members will recently have received the first messages welcoming them to the new AUTO-L discussion list, hosted by the jiscmail service. This discussion list, AUTO-L, was set up in February 1997 by Anita Wenden, who – together with Leslie Dickinson – had founded the AILA Research Network on Learner Autonomy in Language Learning (ReNLA for short)  four years previously. Since it began, AUTO-L has been generously hosted by Anita’s home institution, York College, City University of New York (CUNY), and Anita has continued to ‘manage’ the list. Soon, however, Anita will be leaving New York City and, although it would have been possible for AUTO-L to keep on being based at York College, it seemed sensible to find a new stable ‘home’ and a new manager for AUTO-L. We are therefore delighted that Lucy Cooker has agreed to act as the new manager of the list, and that she has succeeded in finding an appropriate new home for AUTO-L — from now on it will become a listserv within the UK’s academic ‘jiscmail’ service: http://www.jiscmail.ac.uk/

We have now joined all AILA ReNLA members automatically to the new discussion list.  This means that in future we will only contact members via AUTO-L, not via a separate mailing list. You could be a member and unsubscribe from the new AUTO-L, but the information you receive will be very limited  (for example, Bulletins will continue to be posted on our website but you will not receive notification when this happens).  There is the possibility of receiving AUTO-L messages in a daily digest form, so we hope that you will never feel a need to unsubscribe!

(Richard Smith)


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