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Since the last issue of the Bulletin we have updated our list of recent publications by members. You can access the complete list of publications here:

We would like to add your publications to the list. In order to have your latest publications (2009-2013) listed on the site, please send references in APA style to Lorna Carson (

Murray, G. (Ed.). (2014). Social dimensions of autonomy in language learning. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. The authors, most of whom are also language teachers, explore the social aspects of learner autonomy in various language learning contexts. Bringing together theory, research and practice, the studies draw on socially oriented theoretical perspectives – such as social constructivism, sociocultural theory, situated learning, ecology and complexity – and primarily employ case study and ethnographic methodologies. This research suggests that the social dimensions of learner autonomy encompass under-investigated emotional, spatial and political dimensions. In addition to theoretical issues, the authors discuss implications for practice. The volume includes contributions by Christine O’Leary,  Tim Lewis, Tomoko Yashima, Garold Murray, Naomi Fujishima & Mariko Uzuka, Alice Chik & Stephan Breidbach, Linda Murphy, Diego Mideros & Beverly-Anne Carter, Liliane Sade,
David Palfreyman, Desirée Castillo Zaragoza, and Andy Barfield.

Innovation in Language Learning and Teaching (Volume 5, Issue 2, 2011) – a special issue, edited by Turid Trebbi, which brings together papers from the 10th Nordic Conference on Language Learner Autonomy in the Foreign Language Classroom (2009, Bergen, Norway), The special issue includes papers by: Turid Trebbi; Henri Holec; Kuchah Kuchah & Richard Smith; Anja Burkert; Manuel Jiménez Raya; Pia Acker & Nicole Poteaux; Leni Dam & Lienhard Legenhausen; Peggy Candas; Tim Lewis & Elodie Vialleton; and Ema Ushioda.

The third e-book in the Autonomy in Language Learning series “Autonomy in Language Learning: Stories of Practices” has just been published (2013). Congratulations to Andy Barfield and Nataneal Delgado Alvarado (the editors) and all of the contributors. “Stories of Practices” brings together many different teachers’ stories about their engagement with learner (and teacher) autonomy in many different places over many years. It stands out from other books on learner autonomy in the narrative, dialogic way that the story chapters are structured. Each story chapter includes a story in two parts with two reader responses for each part. The first four chapters are devoted to primary/secondary/high school education. The second section focuses on tertiary education and has three chapters, as does the next section dealing with self-access. The final section, made up of four chapters, is devoted to teacher education. The book closes with a ‘trialogic’ conclusion chapter by Felicity Kjisik, Mike Nix and Stephan Breidbach who take extended turns to explore the different connections and contradictions that they see in the grounded exploration and theorization of learner (and teacher) autonomy that “Stories of Practices” embodies.

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