Important organizational matters

  1. ReNLA Convenors’ Report (2008-2011)
  2. Information / Call for action regarding ReNLA renewal
  3. Beijing business meeting agenda
  4. Call for nominations for ReNLA convenorship positions (2011-14)
  1. ReNLA Convenors’ Report (2008-2011)

This has been uploaded to:

Please send any questions or comments on any aspects of ReNLA activities to Garold Murray and Richard Smith, or share your views on the website’s ‘Activities’ page:

2. Information / Call for action regarding ReNLA renewal

Over the past year we have been trying to clarify – and safeguard – the future status of the Research Network, given that the relevant AILA bylaw (§7, no. 2: currently reads as follows:

ReNs exist for three years and can be renewed. At any point in time, there will be no more than 15 ReNs in existence. The life of a ReN is not expected to be longer than six years.

We are currently coming up to our 6th birthday as a Research Network, although we existed for many years previously as an AILA Scientific Commission. With the support of some other Research Networks in a similar position, and of some members of the AILA Executive Board, we have succeeded in ensuring that the matter of Research Network longevity will be on the agenda at the Executive Board and International Committee meetings in Beijing. We will be proposing a simple change – that the above sentence ‘The life of a ReN is not expected to be longer than six years’ be dropped from the Bylaws.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be contacting all individual members of the Executive Board and International Committee to put our case to them in writing. We will at that point be asking for your help in writing to AILA EB and IC representatives in support of our case. Please do not write to them now, but do contact Richard Smith ( if you know personally any of the EB or IC members listed here: EB:; IC:

3.  Beijing ReNLA Business Meeting agenda

The ReNLA Business Meeting – open to all members of the Research Network – will be held following the ReNLA symposium at the Bejing AILA Congress on Friday, August 26, from 11:30-12:00. Whether or not you can attend the meeting in person, if you have items that you would like to see on the agenda, please contact Richard ( before August 15th. Likewise, if you would like to comment on anything on the agenda but cannot be present in Beijing, please contact him. If you are planning to attend, please be sure to read the following before the meeting as we will not be providing printed copies:

What follows is a preliminary agenda for the half-hour meeting:

Agenda: ReN on Learner Autonomy Business Meeting

Friday August 26, 11.30am, Para Room 7 (following the ReNLA Symposium)

  1. Members present
  2. Apologies
  3. Minutes of 2008 meeting (any issues arising)
  4. ReNLA Convenors’ Report, 2008-11 (questions / comments on report)
  5. Lifetime of Research Networks (news from EB / IC meetings in Beijing)
  6. Open discussion of any matters pertaining to ReNLA activities
  7. d.  Call for nominations for the position of convener, AILA Research Network (ReN) on Learner Autonomy (2011-14)

4. Call for nominations

From Terry Lamb (, Learner Autonomy in Language Learning ReN Co-convener 2002-08

Dear Colleagues

We are calling for nominations for the position of convener of the Learner Autonomy ReN to be made by Sunday 2nd October 2011 (see ‘Election procedure’ below).

Garold Murray is standing down as he has served for two terms and Richard Smith is available to stand for a second term.  We owe Garold enormous thanks for all his work in helping to take the ReN from strength to strength over the course of the 2005-08 and 2008-11 terms.

Eligibility to nominate

All AILA Learner Autonomy in Language Learning ReN members are invited to submit a nomination, provided that they have been a member for at least one month.

Criteria for nominees

Nominees should be members of the ReN on Learner Autonomy.

Nominees should be able to demonstrate a commitment to the field of Learner Autonomy through their research, teaching, conference presentations and/or publications.

Given the need to provide evidence to AILA of our ongoing viability as a research network, it is crucial that nominees be able to dedicate time and energy to building the network, strengthening links between members and leading the ReN’s activities.

It is desirable that the two conveners represent different geographical areas in an effort to reflect ReN membership and to expand activities into different parts of the world.

Roles of conveners

In the past, the responsibilities of the conveners have included the following:

1.    Liaising with AILA  – providing annual reports of activities.

2.    Organising the Network’s symposium at AILA (every three years).

3.    Producing a regular Bulletin.  Back issues of the Bulletin can be seen on the ReN’s website at:

4.    Promoting the ReN and recruiting members.

Currently, selected tasks (e.g. the design and maintenance of the website, moderation of AUTO-L discussions, maintenance and expansion of the membership database) have been delegated to other ReN members.

Term of conveners

Conveners can serve for a maximum of two 3-year terms. Conveners who have served for one term may stand for election to serve for a second term.

Election procedure

1.    If you are interested in nominating someone for the position of ReN convener, first contact them to make sure they are willing to stand. If they agree, then email your nomination to me by Sunday 2nd October 2011.

2.    Nominees should submit their self-introductions to me by Sunday 9th October. These should include a brief biodata (so that we know who you are and where you work, and what you have done in the Learner Autonomy field) and say how you see the ReN developing, how you plan to contribute to the ReN etc (i.e. “Why should you vote for me?”). Max. 250 words.

3.    Nominees’ information to be posted to the ReN website by Friday 14th October. [If there are only two nominations at this point, the nominees will be elected unopposed. In the case of three or more nominees, we proceed to Step 4.]

4.    Call for voting to be sent to all ReN members by Friday 14th October.

5.    Votes to be sent to me by Friday 28th October.

6.    Members to be informed of the results of the voting by Saturday 29th October.

I look forward to your nominations coming in.

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