January 2011 Bulletin: Item 2

Articles in LALL (August 2010 and January 2011 editions)

An issue of LALL appeared in August 2010 but this has not previously been announced to members. In it are an article:

Ethical challenges in internet-based research on language learners’ autonomous learning: personal reflections by Xuesong Gao

and a report on the ReNLA-supported conference held in Turkey in June last year:

‘Implementing Learner Autonomy in the 21st Century’, Zirve University, Gaziantep, Turkey, 1-3 June 2010 by (1) Hidayet Tok and (2) Reza Vahdani

We’re also pleased to announce a January 2011 issue, with the following contents:

A Tribute to Sergio Valdivia Navarro by Jo Mynard

The Role of the Learning Advisor in Promoting Autonomy by Jo Mynard

Self-access Learning: Thinking Outside the Box (Report on the JASAL Forum at the JALT 2010 Conference in Nagoya) by Caleb Foale

Feel free to use the comment boxes on each page to provide feedback or raise questions for further discussion.

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