January 2011 Bulletin: Item 5

Recent Publications

Since the last issue of the Bulletin we have added the following to our list of recent publications. You can access the complete list of publications here: https://ailarenla.org/publications/

Darasawang, P. & Reinders, H. (2010). Encouraging autonomy with an online language support system. CALL-EJ, 11:2

Mariani, L. (2010). Communication strategies. Learning and teaching how to manage oral interaction. www.lulu.com Online details and downloadable copy: www.learningpaths.org/communication/presentation.htm

Reinders, H. (2010). Proofreading and revising your work. An activity for fostering autonomy. ELTWO Journal, issue 1.

Sanprasert, N. (2010). The application of a course management system to enhance autonomy in learning English as a foreign language. System 38 (1), p. 109-123.

We would like to add your publication to the list. In order to have your latest publications (2009-2011) listed on the site, please send references in APA style, at any time, to Garold (garold.murray@gmail.com).

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