ReNLA Bulletin, July 2011

Dear ReNLA Members,

In this Bulletin we provide important information relating to the organization of the Research Network, so please take a close look at the related items (Convenors’ report on 2008-11, Information and a call for action regarding the lifetime of Research Networks (including ours), Beijing Business Meeting agenda, and Call for Nominations for elections to ReNLA convenorship positions, 2011-14).

We also provide information about the ReNLA symposium and other autonomy-related events at the August AILA Congress in Beijing, and an invitation to you to join other members for dinner if you are attending the Congress.

However, first and foremost in this Bulletin we wish to honour the memory of Mia Victori, a long-standing member of the ReN (and, previously, Scientific Commission) on Learner Autonomy and a leading promoter of learner autonomy in Spain and beyond.

Here are the full contents of the Bulletin:

  1. Tribute to Mia Victori
  2. Recent publications by members
  3. Important organizational matters
  • ReNLA Convenors’ Report (2008-2011)
  • Information / Call for action regarding ReNLA renewal
  • Beijing business meeting agenda
  • Call for nominations for the position of convenor (2011-14)

4.  AILA World Congress Beijing, August 2011

  • ReNLA Symposium
  • Other autonomy-related presentations by members
  • ReNLA Dinner

Best wishes,

Garold Murray and Richard Smith

(Convenors of the AILA Research Network on Learner Autonomy in Language Learning)

Download this bulletin as a PDF

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