3. Membership Update

We are delighted to announce that since the January 2011 Bulletin we have received a large number of new membership requests – we have gained 29 new members, from Colombia, UK, Japan, Taiwan, Mexico, Israel, Iran, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Hong Kong SAR China, Lebanon, and Macau SAR China. This takes our total membership to 392.

For those of you who have an Academia.edu profile, we now have an AILA ReNLA page under the ‘Memberships/Mailing Lists’ tab for you to follow. If you can’t immediately find the mailing lists tab, please click ‘Add more’ in the far left column of your profile, then search for AILA ReNLA.

If you do not currently have an Academia.edu profile and would like to make use of this social networking facility to meet AILA ReNLA colleagues, please explore the Academia.edu site. We would like to stress that this site is not managed by the AILA ReNLA, and the AILA ReNLA holds no responsibility for it. Communications concerning AILA ReNLA business will continue to be made using the email mailing list held by the Membership Chair. Members should use the AUTO-L mailing list to ask questions and discuss relevant issues.

Lucy Cooker

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