4. New Publications

Since the last Bulletin went out, three books have been published in the area of learner autonomy in language learning:

Murray, G., Gao, X, & Lamb, T. (Eds.) (2011). Identity, motivation, and autonomy in language learning. Bristol: Multilingual Matters.

This ReNLA publication is a collection of the papers presented at the symposium at the AILA World Congress in Essen Germany, 2008, accompanied by papers from other ReNLA members which explore the links between identity, motivation and autonomy. This book is available at a 20% discount if ordered from the publisher’s website: http://www.multilingual-matters.com/display.asp?isb=9781847693723.

Gardner, D. (ed.) (2011). Fostering autonomy in language learning. Gaziantep: Zirve University. Available at http://ilac2010.zirve.edu.tr

This on-line publication is a collection of the papers presented at the ReNLA-supported 1st International Foreign Language Teaching Conference: Independent Learning held at Zirve University, Gaziantep, Turkey, in June, 2010. This book can be accessed for free at http://ilac2010.zirve.edu.tr.

青木直子・中田賀之(編)『学習者オートノミー 初めての人のためのイントロダクション』ひつじ書房(2011)[Aoki, N. & Nakata, Y. (Eds.) (2011). Gakushuusha autonomy: Hajimete no hito no tame no introduction. Tokyo: Hitsuji Shobo.]

This publication is a Japanese translation of the Kjisik et al. (2009) book, Mapping the terrain of learner autonomy: Learning environments, learning communities and identities, which was comprised of selected paper from the Independent Learning Association 2007 Japan conference. For more information on this recent publication, visit the publisher’s website:


In addition, members have informed us of the following publications:

Nishida, R. & Yashima, T.  (2010). Classroom interactions of teachers and elementary school pupils as observed during a musical project in a Japanese elementary school. System, 38(3), 480–490.

Reinders, H. (2011). Towards an operationalisation of autonomy. In A. Ahmed, G. Cane,  and M. Hanzala (Eds.), Teaching English in multilingual contexts: Current challenges, future directions (p. 37-52). Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing,

Reinders, H. & Balcikanli, C. (2011). Learning to foster autonomy: The role of teacher education materials. Studies in Self-Access Learning, 2(1), 15—25.

Reinders, H. & Cho, M. (2010). Extensive Listening Practice and Input Enhancement Using Mobile Phones: Encouraging Out-of-Class Learning with Mobile Phones. Tesl-EJ, 14:2.

Reinders, H. & Wattana, S. (2011). Learn English or Die: The effects of digital games on Interaction and Willingness to Communicate in a Foreign Language. Digital Culture and Education, 3(1), p. 4—28.

If you would like to have your latest publications (2010-2011) listed on the site, please send references in APA style, at any time, to Garold (garold.murray@gmail.com).

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