ReNLA-supported Event: ‘Implementing Learner Autonomy in the 21st Century’, Zirve University, Gaziantep, Turkey, 1-3 June 2010

As reported in the December 2008 Bulletin, we would like to encourage members to organize ReNLA-supported events, symposia, workshops, etc. in their corner of the world or at conferences they will be attending elsewhere (as well as ‘lending its name’, the ReN can help with publicity, advice, etc., but unfortunately has no capacity to provide financial support).

We’re very pleased to announce the first such event that the Research Network is officially supporting – the June 2010 conference on ‘Implementing Learner Autonomy in the 21st Century’ at Zirve University, Gaziantep, Turkey.

The conference meets the three criteria for ‘official’ support that we have set up so as to benefit, we hope, the overall ReNLA membership:

1) There is an open call for papers (the deadline is 15 January 2010): see

2) Audio- or video-recordings of at least some of the talks by main speakers will be put online (we have agreed a minimum of three with the organizers of this conference)

3) There will be a publishing opportunity for those giving papers at the conference.

We encourage ReNLA members to consider attending this event, and look forward to receiving further proposals for ReNLA-supported events in other parts of the world.

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