Learner Autonomy in the Web 2.0 Era

(Published in Learner Autonomy in Language Learning (https://ailarenla.org/lall), December 2012)

Note: The statement below launches Topic 2 in the ReNLA Research Agenda Project. Please feel free to join in with discussions and research work in this area and to share your ideas and findings via the ReNLA website or via AUTO-L, the Research Network’s email discussion list at AUTO-L[at]JISCMAIL.AC.UK, if you are a member of the ReNLA,  Comments in the comment box below are also very much welcome.

Alice Chik, City University of Hong Kong

Paginated PDF version

The rapid growth and globalization of digital media offers opportunities for informal second and foreign language (SFL) learning and use. Research in New Literacies Studies (NLS) has investigated the various ways and avenues by which digital media and online resources have influenced everyday literacy practices. Researchers are also beginning to look into the affordances and engagement for SFL learners in new digital environments, for instance, on YouTube, digital gaming, fanfiction, social networking, photo sharing etc. Many of these new digital literacy practices exist and thrive beyond the language classrooms, and SFL learners engage in these practices for leisure and pleasure. The new digital environments are like the Wild West of SFL learning and use, with new sets of rules and engagements. Here are some of the questions researchers and teachers may want to ask:

  1. How do SFL learners appropriate digital tools and spaces for SFL learning?
  2. What does learner autonomy contribute to SFL learning?
  3. What are the impacts on researching learner autonomy in digital environments?

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