List of current members (Google spreadsheet, with links to members’ home pages)

In order to become a member, all you need to do is send an e-mail message to Alice Chik ( including your postal address and affiliation. You will be automatically joined to our email discussion list, AUTO-L, at the time of becoming a member.

Benefits of being a member include:

  • access to a worldwide network of researchers and practitioners in the field
  • access (via the website and posts to our discussion list, AUTO-L) to information about conferences, seminars and courses related to learner autonomy
  • further information disseminated once to twice a year via an electronic bulletin for members
  • the opportunity to contribute short articles or reports to an open-access space called Learner Autonomy in Language Learning, on the website
  • the chance to publicise projects you are involved in and material you have published on learner autonomy as well as to publish new material
  • the chance to take part in symposia and other events organised or supported by the Research Network
  • the opportunity to stand for and vote in the ReN’s triennial elections for convenors

We currently have over 400 members in more than 40 countries around the world.

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