Nominees for the next AILA Ren LA Convener

[Update Feb 11, 2014] The election was held in Nov 2014. The new conveners for 2014 – 2017 are Alice Chik, Kerstin Dofs and Moira Hobbs.

To ReN members: Please review the following nominees for the position of next convener. Check your email for details about how to vote.

ChikAlice Chik

I am a Senior Lecturer in the School of Education, Macquarie University. I am currently serving as the co-convenor with Richard Smith and Naoko Aoki. My doctoral thesis and publications in the field of Learner Autonomy focused on the use of narratives to investigate how young learners develop their individual differences and autonomy over the years. Recently…(continue reading)


Kerstin Dofs & Moira Hobbs 

Kerstin Dofs is currently the Manager of the Language Self Access Centre (LSAC) at Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology (CPIT) where she has worked for twelve years….(continue reading)

Moira Hobbs has worked at Unitec in Auckland for the past fifteen years – initially as an English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) teacher, but now …(continue reading)

Photo Christian Christian Ludwig 

I was born in Essen in 1981. After school and a voluntary social year, I studied English, Romance Languages and Literature as well as German as a Foreign Language at the University of Bochum (Germany), University of Córdoba (Spain), and Duisburg-Essen (Germany). During my studies, I …(contnue reading)


David M. Palfreyman 

I have been working in ELT and teacher development for more than twenty-five years, and still enjoy it.  I have worked with learners aged 8 to 60 in a range of contexts, from asylum seeker programmes in the UK to a military middle school in the desert of the UAE, as well as online doctoral courses.  Throughout this time I …(continue reading)


Alison Stewart 

I began teaching English as an undergraduate in the UK when I spent a summer teaching an unruly mob of Italian high school students. I continued to teach for a language school on and off while between jobs in banking and political risk consultancy and, later… (continue reading)

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AILA 2014 learner autonomy related presentations

Thank you very much to the members who provided information in spite of the short notice. Please double-check with your conference handbook when you plan a day. I made my best effort to be accurate, but I couldn’t guarantee that the list is error free. Also, as always, the programme is susceptible to change. See you in Brisbane!


AILA 2014 presentations – PDF version

1. Symposium sponsored by Research Network on Learner Autonomy

Date & time: Wednesday, 13th August, 11:00-14:00

(Last 40 minutes will be saved for a business meeting.)

Room: P4

Title: Learner autonomy: Research agenda

Convenor: Naoko Aoki (more…)

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ReNLA Bulletin, December 2013

Download the full contents of the bulletin from this link: ReNLA Bulletin December 2013 (PDF)


1. Message from the convenors
2. ‘Inside ReNLA’:
a. Longevity of ReNs, and renewal of ReNLA
b. Publication of AILA 2011 papers
3. Research agenda discussions
4. Beginners resource project
5. Recent publications by members
6. Doctoral theses
7. Membership update
8. Website update
9. AUTO-L update
10. Upcoming Conferences

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ReNLA Bulletin, January 2013

Download the complete bulletin as a PDF document, or access items by clicking on the links below

Here are the full contents of this January 2013 Bulletin:

1. Message from the convenors
2. ‘Inside ReNLA’
a. Committee members
b. Longevity of ReNs, and renewal of ReNLA
c. Publication of AILA 2011 papers
3. Research agenda discussions: Call for your participation
4. Articles in Learner Autonomy in Language Learning (December 2012 edition)
5. Beginners resource project
6. Recent publications by members 
7. Doctoral theses
8. Membership update
9. Website update
10. AUTO-L update

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February 2012 Bulletin

Here are the full contents of this February 2012 Bulletin (or download PDF version here)

  1. Message from the newly elected convenors
  2. Articles in Learner Autonomy in Language Learning (August 2011 edition)
  3. Membership Update
  4. Upcoming Events
  5. Recent Publications by Members
  6. ‘Inside ReNLA’

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July 2011 Bulletin

The latest (July 2011) Bulletin is available online or as a pdf

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May 2011 Bulletin

The latest AILA Research Network on Learner Autonomy Bulletin is now available here: May 2011 Bulletin.

1. Upcoming Events
2. Call for papers
3. Membership Update
4. Recent Publications
5. ReNLA Business Meeting

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