Committee members Nana Long, Peter Huang and Richard Smith are gathering details of doctoral theses completed in the field of learner autonomy in language learning. Please contact us via ailarenla ‘at’ if you have written a doctoral thesis, details of which you would like to share. So far we have received information relating to the following theses (please click on links below for abstracts, and in some cases for a full copy of the thesis):

Aoki, Naoko. 2002. Learner Autonomy, Teacher Autonomy and the Process of Becoming a Pro-autonomy Teacher: Theoretical Perspectives and Life Stories of Six Teachers of Japanese as a Second Language. PhD thesis, Trinity College Dublin. Summary.

Blin, F. (2005). CALL and the development of learner autonomy: An activity theoretical study. The Open University, UK. Link to full thesis

Boyno, M. (2011). An Analysis of the Factors Influencing Learner Autonomy in the Turkish EFL Context. Cukurova University, Adana. Link to full thesis  PDF
Chuk, Joanne Yim Ping. 2010. Learning to Teach, Teaching to Learn: A Longitudinal Study of Student Teachers’ Autonomous Development. PhD thesis, University of Hong Kong. Abstract.
Cotterall, Sara Maureen. (2011). Stories within stories: A narrative study of six international PhD researchers’ experiences of doctoral learning in Australia. PhD these, Macquarie University, Australia. (Link to the thesis:
Dang, T. T. (2011). Learner autonomy perception and performance: A study on Vietnamese students in online and offline learning environments. PhD thesis, La Trobe University. Abstract
Gao, Xue Song (Andy). (2007). From the Chinese Mainland to Hong Kong: Understanding shifts in Mainland Chinese students’ English learning strategy use. PhD thesis, The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong. (Link to the thesis:
Huang, Jing (Peter). 2008. Autonomy, Agency and Identity in Foreign Language Learning and Teaching. PhD thesis, University of Hong Kong.  Abstract / Link to entire thesis:
Karlsson, Leena. 2008. Turning the Kaleidoscope – (E)FL Educational Experience and Inquiry as Auto/biography. PhD thesis, University of Helsinki.  Abstract. Link to Full Thesis.
Morrison, Bruce. 2003. The Development of a Framework for the Evaluation of a Self-access Language Learning Centre. PhD thesis, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong. Abstract. Link to all thesis files
Mynard, Jo. 2003. Synchronous Computer-Mediated Communication and Learner Autonomy in Female Emirati Learners of English. Ed.D. dissertation, University of Exeter, UK. Abstract

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